Is your ideal itinerary comprised of museums and the opera? Or do you prefer a week at the beach? Maybe you need new ideas for a summer vacation with the kids. Whatever recreational activities you desire are yours for the discovery.

Southeast US - Art and Culture

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St. Augustine, the oldest, continuously occupied European settlement in the continental United States, is a time capsule that showcases nearly 500 years of American history.


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Southeast US - Beach/Water Sports

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Discover Tybee Island! Located 18 miles east of Savannah, this small barrier island boasts a wide, 3-mile long beach that's backed by sea oat-covered sand dunes and is perfect for sunbathing, people-watching and frolicking in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.


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Southeast US - Biking/Multisport

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Rafting in Tennessee escapades range from adrenaline rushes down the Hiwassee to calmer outings on the Harpeth and Buffalo Rivers. Locally owned sports outfitters provide guides, maps and gear to ensure safe, enjoyable journeys.


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Southeast US - Education Themed

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History can't be fully appreciated through books or lectures or television dramas. History can best be understood by standing where an event took place and unleashing your senses. Only then can you come close to feeling a moment in the past.


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Southeast US - Family Themed

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Alabama is a family destination. With a great variety of water parks, zoos, wildlife centers, aquariums, amusement parks, estuariums, petting zoos and of course the wonderful beaches there is fun for the whole family!


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Southeast US - Fishing

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At the Tampa Bay Charter Fishing you have private fishing charters and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico for up to 6 anglers. Bait, tackle and fishing licenses are provided.


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Southeast US - Food and Wine

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Don't fill up before you get here because whatever you have a taste for, Chesapeake restaurants can serve it up. You'll find many recognized names as well as some local favorites. From casual fare to fine dining, from intimate settings to seatings overlooking the water, the choices are many, and all yours.


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Southeast US - Golf

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There are several golf courses in Northern Kentucky. Even if there's bad weather you don't have to worry because the Fore Seasons offer Indoor Golf as well.


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Southeast US - Nature

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With the sugar-white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and the Mountains Region spellbinding landscape with shimmering lakes, waterfalls, caverns and tree-crested mountaintops, Alabama is full of nature!


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Southeast US - Outdoor Activities

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Atlanta is known for its accessibility and rapid growth. Amidst the bustling city with Southern charm, outdoor adventures provide a unique setting for family experiences or a rigorous and challenging day outdoors for the active traveler.


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Southeast US - Sailing/Cruising

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Find the ultimate sailing experience on Coastal South Carolina! Watch dolphins while the sun goes down.


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Southeast US - Shopping

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People love to shop when they travel and you'll have opportunities galore here. We have wonderful malls and chic boutiques as well as funky stores and unique shopping districts. From fashion to art to antiques to department and outlets, you're close to it all in Chesapeake.


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